General Rules

No Hacks. You are not allowed to use any hacks of any kind. Mods are allowed as long as they only affect YOUR gameplay, are not a threat to the server and do not give you any unfair advantages/items/etc. Examples of approved mods are Shaders or Optifine. Examples of unapproved mods are autojoin or underground minimaps.

Do not take advantages of glitches. This is considered cheating and will be punished as so. Please report any glitches you find immediately and privately to a staff member. If you tell/show the server about the glitch, that is breaking the rules, and you will be punished.

You may not use alts to give your main account advantages. Examples of advantages include first-join kits and Quest World prizes.

No auto-farms. 

NO mob grinders, xp farms or spawners. This includes anything that forces mobs to spawn, automatically kills mobs that have spawned, or moves them to a more convenient spot to be killed. if you have a natural spawner, no changes should be made to the area to encourage spawn rate, or means of killing spawned mobs…  If you encounter a natural spawner, no changes should be made to the area to encourage spawn rate, or means of killing spawned mobs.

No 1×1 towers. They are unnecessary and annoying. This rule is wavied only when in the Nether. Due to, those without fly are able to reach places for resources that are otherwise unobtainable without it. We ask that you be mindful and remove them when finished.

You are only allowed to have 15 of each animal type (excluding claimed horses.) The same rule applies to all ranks.

Users are responsible for their own account. This means that we will not accept the “it was my brother/sister/mother/father/dog/hacker/ect” as an excuse for breaking any/all rules.


No player ran banks. Bank’s ran by users are not allowed on RnC. This can cause problems between users with money or items that are not monitored or have adequate proof of. Staff also are unable to track or confirm any accusations against or from bank owners.

Have Fun!

All rules apply to both in-game chat and Discord chat!


Chat Rules

Respect all players and property. This includes but not limited to, name calling, putting someone down, making fun of, disrespecting, stealing, griefing CLAIMED land, harassing someone, and scamming players. This rule applies to both open chat and private chats. If we receive screenshots from any player showing disrespect from another player we will handle the situation as if it were done in open chat.

No arguing/disrespecting/participating in drama with any user and/or staff member. If you have a personal issue with someone, please privately message a staff member or visit the Support Chat. This rule applies to both open chat and private chats. If we receive screenshots from any player showing disrespect from another player/staff member we will handle the situation as if it were done in open chat.

Be Family Friendly and All-Age Appropriate. We are known as a family friendly server and we intend on keeping it that way. This rule applies to both open chat and private chats, as well as nicknames and in game names. If we receive screenshots from any player/staff member showing inappropriate behavior/comments/etc from another player/staff member, we will handle the situation as if it were done in open chat.

No cursing. We have players from all over the world, so a word that you do not consider a swear may be considered a swear to someone else. It is impossible to filter all swear words, so if you are ever unsure, privately ask a staff member for clarification before saying it in global chat.

No capitalized messages. The only exception to this rule is when using caps for grammatical correctness, such as the words I and A when being used properly in a sentence or the first letter in each sentence. Words such as tbh/omg/oml/etc are not an exception to this rule. In game names that have a lot of capitalized letters are allowed, but we ask that you do not abuse this exception to the rule. Nicknames that violate the caps rule are not allowed.

No advertising on/for other servers. This includes even mentioning other servers or realms, even if they are not specifically named. This also includes spamming/advertising our server on another server. We do not want to be getting users in an unfair or wrong way.

No spamming. Spam includes but is not limited to: many repeated characters/messages, many random characters, attempts to bypass the server chat filter, text arrows/unnecessary special characters (such as L()()K and <–), posting links for any website besides the RNC official website or Discord unless approved by an Owner+, and repeating the same or similar message more than once per chat page. This also includes the spamming of /TPA requests and relog messages.

No Trolling/Flaming. It’s disrespectful and it will not be tolerated.

No asking for Ranks, Money, Items, etc. This includes continuously posting about how broke you are, or that you need this or that. You may ask fellow players to help, but please respect chat and do not spam it continuously.

English only. Bi-lingual users are asked to not speak other languages on our server as it confuses both the players and the staff, and we are unaware if you’re requesting help, cursing, etc.

Be patient. We understand that at times you need staff’s attention. Please note that staff is busy at all times and that we will get to you as soon as we are free. Messaging us privately will only make matters worse. Please be patient and wait your turn. The Support Chat is the best way to get in contact with the staff and sort out issues.

Do not discuss sensitive/possibly offensive topics, even in a joking fashion. This includes but is not limited to race/religion/politics/LGBT+/etc. We ACCEPT ALL PEOPLE for who they are, not based on their beliefs, race, or orientation. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Staff Rules


The staff is here to help and guide users in their Ranch and Craft journey. The staff is also here to ensure the safety and well-being of each and every user that logs into our wonderful server. However, we can get extremely busy at times and we ask that you the users understand this and be patient when you are in need of help.

Staff, depending on rank, can:

Visibly, invisibly, or using any disguises, follow any online player for any amount of time, with just cause and proof of just cause only.

Ban, IP-ban, kick, demote, mute, or otherwise punish or remove rights from any player caught or deemed breaking the Ranch n’ Craft website or server rules. Additionally, any players with a record of two or more bans for griefing is subject to a permanent ban from our server.

Inspect any location, build, chest, inventory, and a furnace for any amount of time, with player consent, or just cause and proof of just cause.

Staff, depending on rank, can NOT:

Discriminate any player based on experience, knowledge, age, race, sexual orientation, or language.

Abuse any granted powers for one’s own self-interest.

Promote any player above the rank of [VIP], unless specifically granted permission by a majority vote or from Trevor, Tyshow, or Jordy, specifically.


Give players any items, commands, game modes, or special abilities not immediately granted by the player’s current rank.


Disclose personal or private information about any player, including, but not limited to Internet Protocol (IP) address(es), name(s), location(s), and other non-public information the player wishes to remain private.


Follow the same rules and guidelines as any other user.

Read the website on a daily basis multiple times a day.

Read all of RnC Staff chat on a regular basis.

Read the Ban appeals forum on a daily basis.

Be aware of how they portray themselves to the users and the server.

Post when they jail using the appropriate form.

Post sufficient evidence any time they punish a player in any way.


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